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The 3 Best Greenhouse Misting Systems on the Market

Summertime is winding down in most parts of the northern hemisphere, but maintaining your greenhouse’s homeostasis is important year-round. Especially if you live in a hot and dry climate, you might be in the market for one of the best greenhouse misting systems.

Greenhouse misters use evaporative cooling to keep your greenhouse from getting too hot. 

Best Greenhouse Misting Systems
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How does evaporative cooling work? Water is sprayed through small nozzles, filling the air with a super-fine mist. As that mist evaporates, heat from the air is consumed in the chemical reaction (well, really—the heat is converted if we want to get technical about it), cooling the air inside the greenhouse.

Yes, evaporative cooling is how your body cools itself off by sweating.

They also increase relative humidity inside your greenhouse—that should be obvious! 

You might want a greenhouse mister if you’re interest in:

  • Starting seeds and cuttings
  • Maintaining proper relative humidity 
  • Cooling greenhouse air during hot seasons
  • Nurturing exotic or sensitive plants
  • Cooling off on a hot day!

Ready to learn more about greenhouse misting systems? Check out much more full-spectrum info in our Quick Guide to Greenhouse Misters

Choosing Your Greenhouse Misting System

When browsing greenhouse misting systems, here are few things you should note: 

  • Tubing length: make sure it’s sufficient for your greenhouse size 
  • Number of nozzles included
  • Spigot adaptor: make sure the threading and sizes match
  • Easily removable hardware for cleaning and replacement
  • Mounting system: check that the system comes with clamps, hooks, or ties

What Makes A Good Misting System?

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Metal Nozzles

A durable, fail-safe nozzle is an indispensable part of an effective mist system. Choose metal nozzles to prevent the need for constant replacement. 

Going with a good-quality, rust-resistant brass and/or stainless steel nozzle is your best bet. Stay away from plastic, if you can help it.

Sturdy, Removable Compression Fittings

Compression fittings are the pieces of hardware that connect the hose to the misting nozzles. It’s important that they are sturdy and well-sealed. Since water will be pressurized inside the compression fittings as it’s expelled through the misting nozzle, this is a common place where leaks and breaks happen.

Durable Tubing

Just like compression fitting, it’s important to choose a sturdy, durable tubing system. When shopping for a misting system, you can usually read the fine print to see the thickness of the tubing wall. Be careful of tubing that has extremely thin walls—it will tend to leak with just a bit of use.

It’s best to choose a system that boasts UV-resistant and/or coated tubing. That will extend the life or your tubing significantly.

Look for tubing that is flexible—otherwise, installing the system can be a pain.

Metal Mesh Filter

Be sure to attach a metal mesh filter to the spigot that feeds your water delivery tubing. Some ready-to-install misting systems do come with a filter.

You could go with a basic mesh disc that goes right inside the hose or tubing. Or go big with a sediment-catching attachment device. The latter will help prevent clogging and constant cleaning or replacing of a simpler filter.

The 3 Best Greenhouse Misting Systems on the Market

Best Quality

TitleHOMENOTE Greenhouse Misting System
Length59 feet
Number of Nozels20
Our Rating9.4/10
LinkClick Here

Best Deal

TitleDeyard Greenhouse Misting System
Length32.8 feet or 65.6 feet
Number of Nozels8 or 18
Our Rating9.1/10
LinkCheck Price

Best Price

TitleLandgarden Greenhouse Misting System
Length49 feet
Number of Nozels15
Our Rating8.6/10
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Deyard Misting System

Why it’s so great:

  • Coated copper nozzles
  • Easy-to-remove hardware and tubing
  • UV-resistant tubing
  • Standard threading and universal joints
  • Includes spigot filter
  • Easy-to-understand installation video online
  • Comes with a tubing cutter!

Our top choice is the “upgraded” Deyard Mister. I’m not exactly sure why or how this is “upgraded” from any basic form of the Deyard system, but it certainly has all the bells and whistles! It even comes with a cutting tool, so adjusting the length of your tubing is a breeze.

Standardized parts (especially compression fitting and nozzles) are compatible with most US hardware, so repairs and replacements are easy. 

HOMENOTE Misting System

  • Brass nozzles
  • Galvanized brass spigot adaptor
  • UV-resistant tubing
  • Amazing amount of detail and info about installation and operation available online!

Removable compression fittings allow you to adjust the length of tubing, and the spacing between each nozzle. Simply pull the tubing from the fitting, trim the tubing, and replace.

This system provides a good 6.5 feet between the spigot and first misting nozzle, which is a great help for placement and mounting.

Confused about how a misting system should be set up? The product page for this one has downright oodles of information, diagrams, and videos!

Landgarden Misting System

Why it’s so great:

  • Brass nozzles 
  • Adapters for indoor faucet or outdoor spigot 
  • Includes adapter for misting fan connection

For a slightly smaller system, the Landgarden does the trick. This system also allows customizable tubing length with easily removable compression fittings. 

The hardware on this system is a little more basic, but is still hih quality. 

According to reviews, one downfall of this system is the seemingly insufficient mounting hardware; you may need to purchase a few extra mounting clamps (or even heavy-duty zip ties) on the side.

Another downside is installation and instruction, which may be a bit lacking for those completely unfamiliar with irrigation systems or building. Even with a little bit of background knowledge around these systems, you should be good to go.

What’s With The “Trampoline” Misting Systems?

Photo by Brianna Martinez from Pexels

For reasons unbeknownst to most people, a vast majority of misting systems are advertised as “trampoline” and even “trampoline park” cooling devices.

I am here to reassure you that, yes, a “trampoline cooling” system is indeed the same thing as a greenhouse misting system. And you can, in fact, use it for your greenhouse and gardening purposes. Not to worry. 

Now that we have that cleared up: go have fun with your new greenhouse climate control system! If, at this point, you aren’t overwhelmed by what you’ve heard, then maybe you’d be interested in building your own greenhouse misting system. It’s easier to do than you may think!