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Best Greenhouse Crops for Fall

Just because the weather is cooling down doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to fresh herbs and vegetables. Your greenhouse is the perfect way to extend the growing season and continue to reap the benefits of your garden.

If you’re lucky enough to have a heated greenhouse equipped with grow lights, your autumn crop options will be nearly endless. With heat and light, you’ll be able to extend your growing season well into the winter months.

For those with a more rudimentary greenhouse setup, you’ll need to consider greenhouse crops that can thrive despite the cooler weather and dwindling daylight of fall. The produce you choose to grow will also depend on how much space you have available in your greenhouse. 

If you’re unsure as to the best greenhouse crops for fall, here are a few of the best crops for your autumn greenhouse.

Greenhouse Crops for Autumn

With the right conditions, you can really grow any crop at any time in your greenhouse. That being said, you’ll see the best results if you follow the list below. Have questions about a greenhouse crop that isn’t on the list? Just comment below what crop you think should be added and we’ll provide our professional opinion.


is kale one of the Best Greenhouse Crops for Fall

If you’re looking for a cold-tolerant and nutritious crop for the fall, look no further than kale. This hardy green can thrive well into the winter so long as it is adequately protected from frost. 

If you’re not typically a fan of kale, you might change your mind once the cold weather sets in. Kale tends to get sweeter the further into fall and winter as the starches are converted into sugars as temperatures drop.


is arugula one of the Best Greenhouse Crops for Fall

If your autumn salads could use a spicy kick, consider adding arugula to your fall harvest. Not only is arugula delicious any time of year, but it’s also straightforward to grow. In fact, your local garden center or favorite online seed vendor likely has more than a few different varieties from which to choose.

This cold-hardy green grows just as well in garden beds as it does in containers, so no matter what type of greenhouse setup you have, arugula is likely to thrive. Additionally, you can sow seeds every few weeks in late summer to ensure that you can continue to harvest throughout the fall.


is beets one of the Best Greenhouse Crops for Fall

The fall harvest wouldn’t be the same without these delicious ruby-red root vegetables. Beets are frost tolerant, and even outside of the greenhouse, they can survive temperatures down to around 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

Beets are also a great choice because of their versatility. Not only can the root portion be consumed, but the greens are a great addition to any autumn dish. The leaves can be harvested before the roots as well, so there’s no rush to harvest if you’re busy with other crops.


is carrots one of the Best Greenhouse Crops for Fall

As temperatures begin to drop, you’ll surely find yourself craving the warmth of autumn stews and roasted root vegetables. Carrots are a classic addition to any fall harvest and are a simple addition to any fall greenhouse.

When planted in late summer, carrots can grow quickly enough to be harvested throughout the fall. They’re hardy enough to survive a few frosts and, most of the time can still be harvested and enjoyed even if the greens have suffered a bit.


is spinach one of the Best Greenhouse Crops for Fall

If you’re a fan of leafy greens, spinach will be a no-brainer when it comes to your fall greenhouse. This cold-hardy crop can withstand the cooler weather and reduced daylight of fall and add a pop of delicious green to your dishes well into the fall.

Spinach comes in several different varieties, so you can choose your favorite or try a few. This plant tends to grow well in containers, so you can always start your garden outdoors and move them inside as the temperature drops.


is broccoli one of the Best Greenhouse Crops for Fall

For many gardeners, broccoli is a favorite fall crop. Though it can be delightful when grown as a summer crop, adding broccoli to your autumn greenhouse has more than a few benefits. Not only is broccoli cold-hardy, but the cooler temperatures will allow it to produce larger heads without bolting – often caused by the stress of summer heat.

As with many other autumn crops, broccoli tends to take on a sweeter, enhanced flavor when grown in the fall due to the conversion of starches to sugars. Since broccoli can tolerate a few hard frosts, you can grow it in an unheated greenhouse without a problem.

Brussels Sprouts

are Brussel sprouts one of the Best Greenhouse Crops for Fall

A close cousin of broccoli, brussels sprouts are a fall classic. They are a staple of holiday family dinners, so it’s no wonder that so many gardeners add them to their autumn greenhouses. Though they have a reputation for being a bit picky about their growing conditions, the truth is that they simply prefer cooler temperatures.

For this reason, they’re one of the best crops to add to your fall greenhouse. If you’d like to serve freshly harvested brussels sprouts during October or even November, be sure to get those plants in the soil by mid to late summer, depending on the variety you’re growing. 


is parsley one of the Best Greenhouse Crops for Fall

No fall garden is complete without a few herbs. One of the most cold-hardy herbs you can add to your greenhouse is parsley. This versatile herb matures slowly, so it’s an ideal crop to grow if you plan on harvesting throughout the fall season.

Not only does parsley add a bright flavor to your fall stews and soups, but it’s a great garnish as well. Parsley tends to grow well in greenhouses, but you can start it indoors too. It also grows well in containers, so you can even bring it indoors if it gets too cold in your unheated greenhouse.


is oregano one of the Best Greenhouse Crops for Fall

Another herbal favorite to add to your fall greenhouse is oregano. This hardy herb prefers the cooler fall temperatures over the blazing heat of summer anyway, so why not add it to your autumn harvest?

Oregano is one of the most versatile herbs you can grow, and it tends to be pretty forgiving in terms of care and can add an interesting flavor to a wide variety of dishes. Oregano can also thrive in either a bed or container and doesn’t take up a lot of space, so it’s an ideal choice for nearly any fall greenhouse.

What Should I Plant After Fall Greenhouse Crops?

Think any other plants are well suited for fall in a greenhouse? Comment below and I can provide you with the necessary research materials and answers!
If you’re seeing this post towards the end of fall, then consider greenhouse crops best suited for winter instead.