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Super Easy Greenhouse Maintenance Guide

Investing in a decent greenhouse comes with tons of advantages for your garden. They can optimize the level of humidity for the plants, extend your growing season, and offer added protection against the elements of weather and pests

However, to make the most out of your greenhouse, you need to know how to maintain a greenhouse properly.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide that walks you through greenhouse maintenance step by step. Let’s get started!

Greenhouse Upkeep: How to Maintain a Greenhouse

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These things should be done fairly regularly so you don’t get behind. The dirtier your greenhouse gets the tougher the necessary cleaning. Remember, greenhouse maintenance is all about doing the little things on a daily basis. If you’re into this information but winterized then check out our guide on how to maintain a winter greenhouse.

Step 1: Remove As Much Clutter As Possible

While it’s not mandatory, it’s always better if you make the greenhouse as empty as possible while cleaning it. This will make the greenhouse much easier to clean because you won’t have to work your way around things in your way.

Try to remove anything that you can, including any removable debris, benches, tools. If you’re able to transfer the plants safely to a temporary spot until you’re done, you may do that as well.

Keep in mind that some delicate plants might not handle that step, so you have to be aware of the suitability of transferring the plants.

Step 2: Inspect and Repair the Frame of the Greenhouse

How to Maintain a Greenhouse
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Depending on the type of material your frame is, your repairing and cleaning approach will change.

If you’re dealing with aluminum ones, check for any structural damage as well as any loose bolts here and there, as they tend to seize over time. Tighten the bolts as you see fit.

Also, check the joints and make sure that they’re sealed and completely welded from both inside and outside.

On the other hand, wooden frames would most likely require more attention. Make sure that the wood is sealed, stained, and painted so that every nook and cranny is protected from the elements.

Ideally, summer is the best time to apply a fresh coat of paint to the wall. Also, check for any signs of rot, mold, and woodworms in the frame.

Step 3: Clean the Panels of the Greenhouse

The majority of your greenhouse is made up of glass panels, so you have to take utmost care of them and make sure that they’re functioning properly.

Cleaning the windows removes an invisible layer of debris that blocks the sun rays. For that reason, you have to clean both the interior and exterior part of the panel even if it seems clean.

Try to scrub the windows from top-down with a glass mop or Squeegee. This way, the water will flow and drain down to the floor.

Pay close attention while cleaning the edge of the glazing panels, as these crevices tend to store most of the debris and dirt

Step 4: Inspect the Panels for Holes and Cracks


Now that the glass panels are clean, it would be much easier to spot any abnormality in the glass. This includes all kinds of cracks, holes, and other signs of damage.

The polycarbonate glass used for greenhouses is durable but not invincible. If you find tiny holes or cracks, you can seal them with a transparent sealer. 

However, a bigger crack means it’s time to replace the panel with a new one. Make sure that you protect your hands while dealing with glass to avoid injuries.

Step 5: Check the Base of the Greenhouse

Always pay extra attention while cleaning up the floor or the base of the greenhouse because it’s the closest to the plant the source of pests.

With most of the interior items out of the way, it’ll be much easier to clean the floor. You don’t need anything fancier than hot water and soap to clean the floor. 

However, you need to focus more on the hidden spots, such as corners, cracks, dark spots, and under the benches. If you have a power hose, try to wash away the grout lines.

Step 6: Maintain the Greenhouse Door

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The door is the gateway to the greenhouse, so it should be cleaned up too. Make sure that you include them in the cleaning routine depending on their material. 

Check under the door and the area where it opens for any contaminants that will be introduced to your greenhouse.

Step 7: Set Up and Maintain Shading System

Although greenhouses are meant to harness the benefits of the sun, your plants might require some shade in the summer.

If you don’t have one, you might want to invest in decent roll-up shades that are easy to draw when necessary.

Alternatively, you can plant deciduous plants outside the greenhouse to act as a sunshade themselves. 

Step 8: Ensure Proper Ventilation Inside the Greenhouse

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If you’re preparing the greenhouse for winter, it’s extremely important that you also maintain and install a proper ventilation system.

Make sure that you perform a rundown or a checkup on all the components of the ventilation system you have whether it’s a simple vent or a complex one.

As previously mentioned, using glass sealant or caulk to seal the cracks in the glass panels is important for the job. 

In case of approaching a very cold winter, you might want to apply a second door to minimize the amount of heat lost due to the draft.

Step 9: Look for and Eliminate Bugs and Pests in the Greenhouse

Before returning everything back inside the greenhouse, make sure that you look for and eliminate all pests and bugs from the greenhouse itself and the plants.

This includes pulling off the weeds, pruning dead leaves and branches, and using ladybugs to get rid of small pests, as they feed on them.

Greenhouse Maintenance – The Final Verdict

Greenhouse Maintenance tips

With that said, you now know how to maintain a greenhouse properly. With this simple step by step guide, the process should be organized and easy.

As a rule of thumb, make sure that you do the cleaning regularly so that it’s not too much of a hassle for you. 

The greenhouse must be cleaned thoroughly after every season and before planting new crops for optimal performance.