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Top 3 Quietest Greenhouse Exhaust Fans

By now, you know how vital circulation is in your greenhouse. You’ve got your vents installed. You set up a nice cross breeze. You’ve got your thermometers and fans. Awesome job!

quietest greenhouse exhaust fans
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But perhaps you’ve also discovered the unspoken truth about greenhouse exhaust fans: they’re loud. They scare away birds, they annoy neighbors, they might even give you a headache while you’re tending to your greenhouse garden.

Well, we’ve done the research for you! Check out the top 3 quietest greenhouse exhaust fans that are still worth your money.

Why Exhaust Fans for Greenhouses

quiet greenhouse exhaust fans
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Exhaust fans work in a simple yet ingenious way – they create pressure between your greenhouse and the outside world. In tandem with your vents – learn more about ventilation here – your greenhouse will have a nice fresh cross-breeze all year long.

That breeze sounds relaxing, right? Well, your serenity will be short-lived if you don’t go with a quiet exhaust fan for your greenhouse.

3 Quiet Greenhouse Exhaust Fans

Best Quality

TitleiLIVING 10-inch, 3-Speed Exhaust Fan with Thermostat
Size Options7", 10", 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 24" 30", 36"
Cubic Feet Per Minute (airflow)600
Noise Rating<65 dBA
Our Rating9.0/10
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Best Deal

TitleVENTISOL 12-Inch Variable Exhaust Fan with Controller
Size Options12"
Cubic Feet Per Minute (airflow)1,450
Noise RatingInfo Not Avaliable
Our Rating8.6/10
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Best Price

TitleAC Infinity AIRLIFT T12 12-inch Fan with Temperature Humidity Controller
Size Options10", 12", 14"
Cubic Feet Per Minute (airflow)1270
Noise Rating63 dBA
Our Rating9.3/10
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iLIVING 10-inch, 3-Speed Exhaust Fan with Thermostat

This fan form iLiving is slightly smaller than some others, which is perhaps what makes it a bit quieter. This smaller-sized fan offers quieter operation, but this fan comes in several large sizes to fit your needs. 

This perfectly satisfactory fan runs a bit less expensive than others and still remains on the quiet side. The built-in thermostat features 3-speeds and can regulate the temperature within a range of 32-130 °F. There is no controller for the thermostat, so you’ll likely need a ladder to adjust it.

Weather resistant shutters made of durable, high-grade aluminum are protected against moisture and corrosion.

 A 6-foot cord with standard 3-prong plug makes it easy to install, although you might need to add an extension cord to the mix.

VENTISOL 12-Inch Variable Exhaust Fan with Controller

This powerful fan is effective and quiet. It comes with a variable speed controller—unlike many other fans of the similar price point.

This fan has a hard-wired connection, so you need a (very) small amount of mechanical knowledge—which you probably already have, if you’ve gotten this far with your backyard greenhouse!

Black powder-coating and a galvanized steel frame with aluminum shutter blades give this fan a nice, sleek look and protect it from weather.

AC Infinity AIRLIFT T12 12-inch Fan with Temperature Humidity Controller 

The AC Infinity AIRLIFT Fan is our top-notch choice. It’s a bit pricier than most other household options, but let us tell you why it’s worth the money.

At just 63 decibels, this fan is only a little louder than a refrigerator! This fan uses an Innovative EC-motor with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) control maximizes airflow—that means reduced energy consumption and noise levels.

A digital controller features a LCD display with remote smart temperature and humidity sensors, as well as customizable fan speeds. Customizable settings allow you to program fan speeds to automatically adjust to high and low temperatures as well as humidity levels. Even cooler (wink, wink!) a timer feature lets you set specific fan speeds at timed intervals. One controller can also be used to program two separate fans.

Everything you need for installation is included. The 12-foot cord with a 3-prong plug makes for prime placement for good greenhouse airflow.  

A Quiet Greenhouse is the Best Greenhouse

The more relaxing and inviting your greenhouse, the more likely you are to want to spend hours on end in it. At the end of the day, that’s the goal, right?

Another reason to have a greenhouse is eco-consciousness. One of the most popular ways to be so is with solar. Learn about solar powered greenhouse exhaust fans here.

So, grab one of the quietest exhaust fans for your greenhouse and spend your days peacefully tending your year round garden.